personal branding

You Are The Brand.

Helping experts build their credibility, clarify their unique positioning and scale their revenue. 

I help business owners, coaches, consultants and leaders to grow their impact and their revenue through my RCU Personal Brand Blueprint. 

Why Personal Branding?

Many business owners struggle to generate a predictable stream of new clients and revenue not through lack of effort, investment or quality of their services but through a lack of clarity, differentiation and credibility. 

Each blue ocean opportunity soon becomes a red ocean as businesses crowd in and service offerings converge. It becomes harder to discern the differences between businesses and being cheaper or better only gets them so far. 

Recent research shows that ‘63% of Americans are more likely to buy from you if you have an established personal brand’*.

Understanding that you are unique and your experience, strategies, approaches, experience and skill set are like no other. When you see yourself as the brand, opportunities open to up to stand out, grow your impact and your revenue. 

Who we help

Coaches, consultants and service providers

Leaders and Corporate Executives

The RCU Blueprint

Most businesses fail to grow because one or more of these three elements are missing. A combination of all 3 provide a powerful stance to differentiate, stand out and generate sustainable revenue growth.  Reach provides visibility, awareness and familiarity as the first pillar to business growth. Credibility fosters trust and demonstrates your expertise and ability to deliver promised results or outcomes for your clients or employer. And uniqueness underpins everything as a key point of difference. 

Our services

Personal Brand Elevator

Build your personal brand strategy, clarify your positioning, build your marketing plan and scale your business online.
A 3 month online coaching program.

121 Brand Strategy

One on one strategy consultation encompassing both personal and corporate brand strategy. Workshops and brand and marketing planning.

Ultimate Course Accelerator

Turn your personal brand into an online course or coaching program to scale your income. A 3 month online group coaching program.

We've helped our clients to:

Generate an additional $5-50k in revenue within 2 months.

Secure new career opportunities.

Charge higher fees through delivering more value.

Build automation to generate new leads consistently. 

Get clarity on their positioning and strategy to achieve results. 

Build a social media presence that generates revenue. 

Meet Louise Booth

Louise Booth is a leading personal brand expert. Her unique experience in brand and marketing strategy, communications planning and years of marketing execution have enabled her to position businesses to scale their revenue online. 

As a Fortune 500 Marketing Executive, she has worked with and for high profile companies such as Nissan, Nestle, Gucci andCommBank, managing over $30 million in marketing budgets and generating millions of dollars in ROI. 

She has over 17 years’ experience in brand and marketing and is widely regarded by senior leaders and CEOs for delivering actionable strategy that gets results.  

Our experience

Let’s get started

The first step is to have a call to see if we are going to be a good fit to help you. Our ethos is all about giving you a ton of value and help. This is a strategy call and we have have been able to help people get results just from this one call. 

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